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You Have the Right to a Criminal Defense Attorney

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It really does not matter how long the imprisonment is likely to be”, says one of the top criminal lawyers in Maryland. “All that matters is the likelihood of a prison term”. If the accused faces serious charges of misdemeanor like vandalism (a crime that is punishable by a term in jail if convicted), he or she has a right to a lawyer even if the actual sentence turns out to just a fine. ...

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The Objective Of Your Criminal Lawyer Is To Provide Aggressive Defense

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A good criminal defense lawyer in MD will tell you that there is difference between factual guilt (what the person actually did) and legal guilt (what the prosecution can prove). The duty of your lawyer is not to ask whether you did the act but rather “Will the government be able to prove you did it”. ...

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Seek Legal Help to Get Your Name off the Sex Offender List

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In many states, it was mandatory for sex offenders to register with the police department. Now the public has access to sex offender databases. This practice of notifying the offender’s identity, location, and other information was inspired after a 7-year-old girl was raped and murdered by a sex criminal in New Jersey. A huge public outcry moved the U.S. Congress to direct the Department of Justice to: • Retain a database of sex offenders • Allow the states to create their own databases if they choose to • Instruct states to enact public notification...

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