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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

4 Extra Advantages in
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Drowning in debt? Overwhelmed by the dues on your credit card? Weighed down by business loans? A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is probably the best way -out. Not only will it stop creditors dead in their tracks, it will also allow you to start afresh with an absolutely clean slate. If you are a business owner operating in Washington D.C, you can get relief from your financial situation by consulting the best local Chapter 7 bankruptcy law firm.

  1. Move towards a new, DEBT-FREE life
  2. No liabilities, start with a CLEAN SLATE
  3. NO PAST DEBTS to haunt you
It is important to understand that there are conditions under which you are eligible to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Washington D.C. It covers only specific types of debts which it covers. For example, you cannot file for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy if you have already filed for one in the past 8 years and a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will not cover your obligations under child support or alimony. Make sure you find out if you are eligible by consulting a reputed bankruptcy lawyer in Northern Virginia, specializing in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
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The biggest advantage of a  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is that it dissolves ALL eligible debts and the lender is not eligible to receive any payments unless you CHOOSE to pay them. While a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will show on your credit report for the next 10 years, it will also allow you the freedom to make a fresh start and focus on rebuilding your credit worthiness for the coming years.

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