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Business Law

Maryland is an attractive destination for entrepreneurs considering the idea of starting a business.

But it is important understand the best available options when you start a business in Maryland. The first thing a prospective entrepreneur should consider will be the nature of the business entity he/she wants to establish.

This decision has implications on the future financial and tax liability of the business and the business owner. Then of course, there are other matters including setting up contracts, employment law and risk management.While most of the information required is available online, starting an LLP or an LLC in MD still requires you to wade through a mass of webpages to understand all the tax and legal requirements before you are able to register your organization. Not only can this be exhausting as you struggle to understand the meaning and implication of the various taxes, licenses etc.

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It also takes away valuable time and energy from the more important task of running your business. Most importantly, it can lead to substantial rework or losses later in case you miss or misunderstand the implication of any point of significance.This is where an experienced legal firm can help. Rowena Nelson has helped hundreds of organizations and entrepreneurs set up their businesses in Maryland by providing sound legal advice and assistance in areas including:

Choosing a Business Structure

We help you identify the best possible structure for tax and liability purposes be it a partnership, LLC (Limited Liability Company) or corporation.

Notary Service

A number of official documents have to be mandatorily notarized by an attorney to establish its validity.

Contracts and Business Operations

We help you protect your interests by helping you include all relevant clauses in business contracts including non-compete and employment agreements.

Settling Disputes and litigation

In addition to providing counsel to avoid disputes, we also help mediate with vendors, suppliers, employees and customers for quick and speedy resolution.

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frequently asked questions

What is an LLC?

LLC is short for Limited Liability Company. It is a stand-alone entity which is treated as separate from the person or people that own and operate it, thereby protecting them from personal liability.

What is a Sole Proprietorship?

A business entity that is wholly controlled by one person but one that does not provide any protection against personal liability.

What is a Partnership?

A business entity owned jointly by 2 or more people or partners is called a partnership. Each individual partner is liable and responsible for all aspects of the business operations.

Is there anything that needs to be kept in mind when choosing a name for an LLC?

As per the Maryland law, the name of an LLC name must contain one of the following: the abbreviation “L.L.C.,” “LLC,” “L.C.” or “LC” or “limited liability company” in complete. Also keep in mind that the name should not be similar to any other businesses which is already a part of the Maryland business name database.

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is Maryland citizen over 18 or business entity located physically in Maryland that agrees to accept legal papers on behalf of the LLC in case it is sued.

How can an attorney be of help when negotiating a commercial lease?

Commercial leases have a higher degree of complexity and liability associated with them which an experienced attorney can help review and negotiate to your advantage.

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