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Making Bankruptcy Work….The Donald Trump Way

The campaign for the presidency of the USA generated a lot of heat and dust. One of the issues that was raised repeatedly is the many bankruptcies that now President Donald Trump has undergone. One of the questions that appears to amaze a lot of people is how he is still a billionaire after having ...
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Prince George's County Foreclosure Attorney

How to Stop Your Home from Being Foreclosed In Maryland

While the rate of foreclosures on Maryland homes has been slowly declining in the last few years, the numbers are still staggering. On average, about 3,500 homes go into foreclosure proceedings each month. Statistically, that’s close to double the national rate. And if you’ve missed a couple of payments in a row, you could well ...
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Criminal Lawyer Largo MD

Criminal Law – Know What Your Rights Are

If you know you’re going to be arrested, what do you do? If you already are arrested, what do you do? What does the process of getting bail involve? And how can you be sure law enforcement isn’t trampling on your rights, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States? These are just a ...
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Family Law Attorney

What Can A Family Law Attorney Do For You?

The field of family law is highly specialized. It may not only involve legal action, but also brings into the equation the very real human and emotional feelings that run rampant at such a time. The law can be complex, confusing, and downright impenetrable for those who don’t practice it for a living. The Family ...
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Choosing Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Vs. Chapter 11

Finding yourself in a situation that might force you into bankruptcy is a trying and difficult time. The process is complex, you have creditors clamoring for money, dunning phone calls, and it’s probable you’ll be served papers and required to go to court. This is something you absolutely, positively cannot handle by yourself. You need ...
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